Legal, technology & design consultancy

Legal, technology & design consultancy

Legal, technology & design consultancyLegal, technology & design consultancyLegal, technology & design consultancy

A legal operations advisory business for corporate legal functions and law firms

"Law - it's just business"

Loch Tay 2014 (c) J. Fraser

What's going on?

Today's problems require a different type of approach and a greater agility than the structures that current businesses allow.

The endless 'more for less' challenge needs to be answered creatively, by addressing external law firm relationships, by changing existing processes, and by considering new technologies.

The way that legal services are being provided needs to change.  Not only that, but businesses have realised that they don't just need legal advice - they need support with legal operations, technology implementation and design.

Why Me?

After 20 years in the legal industry, in a mixture of private practice and in-house roles, and having advised and worked in a variety of sectors and different businesses, my experience has given me an insight into these problems that the modern legal function is facing. 

This is the opportunity and the time for change.

I have the experience (and the scars to show for it) and have solved these types of big problems for international businesses - I also have a unique network of lawyers, legal operations specialists, legal technologists and engineers, and legal designers - all of which you as a client can benefit from.